PLEASE READ: This is SUPER important. Registration type dictates how your account will be set up in our system.

Registering for a standard IYR Network account gives you access to our sites, our chat rooms, and our comments. 
Registering for an IYR Artists account gives you the Artists/Agencies account type, which gives you regular IYR access AND access to the Artists Portal on IYR Artists. 
If you are NOT an artist/band/record label/agency planning to use the Artists Portal to submit profiles & music, please do not sign up for this account type.

If you’re interested in hosting shows or podcasts, please register for a standard IYR Network account and then contact us and we will work with you – all our show host account requests are vetted by our team before being granted as they are a much higher access level account across our network. We are looking into ways to change this for future hosts.

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